Sunday, July 14

Shiogama Fireworks Boat Picnic

The best view, minus the crowds!


Every year on the third Sunday of July, the summer sky lights up with hundreds of fireworks over the port city of Shiogama. The event marks the evening before the annual ‘Minato Matsuri’ festival of Shiogama Shrine, one of the ‘Three Great Boat Festivals’ of Japan.


Thousands of locals and visitors from around Japan will gather to watch the exciting fireworks display and enjoy some local food and sake! Whilst the atmosphere on the shore is certainly buzzy and exciting, by far the best view of the fireworks in from the water!


On this tour you’ll have a chance to experience the best of both worlds!

After exploring the festival action on the shore you’ll head to nearby Shichigahama where a local boat will be waiting to take you and your friends out on the water.

Along with the incredible view, enjoy the taste of the region with a local ‘obento’ style picnic dinner washed down with some local Japanese sake! 


Bring some friends or come ready to make some new ones. Experience summer festival season like the locals!


What’s Included

> Seat on local boat to watch the fireworks from the water
> Local 'obento' style picnic dinner & local sake
> Private English speaking guy

Not included

> Any additional meals and drinks
> Transport to/from the meeting and ending points
> Anything not included in the above included list

Meeting place



Meet at the ticket gates of Hon-Shiogama Station. Your guide will be waiting for you, holding the Tohoku Local Secret Tours logo: 


Spend some time looking around the festival area by the port.

Maybe sample some street food and take in the atmosphere!



Head back to the station and jump on a local train to Tagajo Station, where the local boat captain will be waiting to take you to the boat! 




Set out on the boat from Shichigahama to the ideal viewing position on the water! 



Sit back and relax as the action begins! 

Whilst the fireworks light up the summer sky over head, enjoy a local ‘obento’ style picnic dinner with a selection of local sake. 

(Fireworks display will last from 20:00-20:50)


After the grand finale and end of the fireworks show, head back to shore. 

Your friendly captain will take you back to JR Tagajo Station.


Tour ends at Tagajo Station (20 mins back to Sendai Station).


JR Hon-Shiogama Station
18:00~21:30 (3.5 hours)
2-10 persons
6000 JPY (※approx. $56 USD)
Sign-up Deadline
Reservations accepted until noon of the previous day (July 13)
Cancellation Policy
Up to three days prior, no cancellation fee.
Two days prior: 20%
Day before: 30%
On the day: 100%
If the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled.


Basic Plan

Price 6000 JPY (approx. $56 USD)

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