August 3 – 6

Tohoku Summer Festival Marathon (August 3 – 6)

Experience Four of Japan’s Largest Summer Festivals


August in Tohoku is hot and the Summer festivals even hotter!

Tohoku is home to some of Japan’s most dynamic and exciting Summer events and traditions. Prepare to dance, chant and get lost in the hypnotic rhythm of taiko drums…


Your adventure starts with the colourful ornate festival floats of Hachinohe City’s ‘Sansha Tasai’ festival, the perfect warm-up for the next night of celebrations at Tohoku’s most famous summer festival, Aomori City’s Nebuta Matsuri!

Forget watching from the sidelines, here you will transform into a local Haneto dancer and JOIN the parade with the Aomori locals.


Next up is the incredible spectacle of Akita’s Kanto Matsuri (Pole lantern festival) where festival performers balance 12 metre high poles adorned with close to 50 lanterns on their foreheads, shoulders, hands…you name it!


Your summer festival journey will wrap up in Tohoku’s capital city, Sendai, during ‘Tanabata’ (Star Festival). Dress in traditional ‘Yukata’ and walk through forests of colourful Tanabata decorations!


What’s Included

Private transport & driver-guide
Three nights in business-hotel grade accommodation
Easy access to four of Japan’s largest summer festivals
Local Japanese cuisine
(Vegetarian catering available upon request)

Not included

Additional meals and drinks
Anything not included in the above 'included' list

Meeting place



Join the colourful excitement as 27 giant festival floats parade the streets of Hachinohe City during the famous ‘Sansha Taisai festival’



Don’t just watch, JOIN the incredible ‘Nebuta’ festival of Aomori City!

Wear traditional ‘Haneto’ dancer costume and dance behind the giant ‘Nebuta’ festival floats with locals.



Drive the ‘Aspite Line’ Highland Road through Towada-Hachimantai National Park to the mysterious Lake Tazawa.

Watch in awe as locals balance 12m high poles carrying up to 46 lanterns at the incredible Akita Kanto (Pole Lantern) festival.



Visit the temples and shrines of UNESCO World Heritage Hiraizumi.

Experience Sendai Tanabata (Star Festival) in the capital city of Tohoku.


Dress in traditional ‘Yukata’ and walk through forests of colourful Tanabata decorations made from rice-paper.






Hachinohe Station
Four days, three nights (August 3 – 6)
Two – four persons (minimum of two persons)
560000 yen (※approx. 5,100 USD)
Sign-up Deadline
30 days prior to tour start date
Cancellation Policy
More than 30 days: Deposit
15 days - 29 days prior: 30%
6 – 14 days prior: 70%
No show – 5 days prior: 100%
If the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled.


Basic Plan

Price 560000 yen (approx. 5,100 USD)

Are you looking for a ‘deeper’ kind of travel?

At Tohoku ‘Local Secret’ Tours we can also suggest custom-made itineraries to meet your travel needs! You want to experience what’s unique to Tohoku.
You want to visit the places where the locals go; the places not listed in guidebooks!
You want to meet and interact with local people. You want to take your time exploring Tohoku so you need a guide, or perhaps an English-speaking driver...
...whatever you need for your Tohoku travel, we have it covered!
Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We will respond within two business days after receiving your message.

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August 3 – 6
Tohoku Summer Festival Marathon (August 3 – 6)
August 3~5
Summer Festival Fever in Aomori
August 5 -6
Star Festival Duo: Akita Kanto & Sendai Tanabata
Everyday (except Sun)
Secrets of Shiogama’s ‘Seaweed Salt’: Foodie walking tour
Saturday, August 10
Sustainable Kitchen in Izunuma
Saturday, Sept 28
Sendai Festival Fever: ‘Suzume-odori’ workshop & after-party
Local Fishing & Deserted Island BBQ
Back-alley Bar Hopping in Sendai
Hungry Samurai: Sendai Food & Culture Tour
Spirit of Japanese Sake in Shiogama
Kimono Walking Tour of Matsushima
April 10-23 (Weekdays only)
Perfect ‘Hanami’ Picnic at Shiogama-Jinja (Shinto)Shrine
Experience New Year in Japan
Local Japanese Cooking Class near Sendai International Airport
Outdoor Tea Ceremony (with Snakes!)
Weekdays (except NY Holiday period)
Veggie Harvest & Cooking Class
Everyday April~June & Sept ~ November
DIY Sake Experience
Weekdays (except NY holiday period)
Countryside Farm-stay

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560000 yen

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