April 22 – 25

Spring in Tohoku (April 22 – 25)

Exclusive Private Tour of the best of Spring in Northern Japan


On this tour you’ll experience the beauty of Spring in Tohoku, home to some of Japan’s best cherry blossom destinations, a world away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and Kyoto.
You can sit back and relax with no concerns about language barrier, luggage or transport as your private driver-guide takes care of everything! Stay in luxury at three of Tohoku’s finest accommodation sites, including an exclusive booking at a 150 year old farmhouse renovated into a modern, minimalist haven in the countryside.
Experience ‘unseen’ Japan in the local culture, food and people of the Tohoku region.
Enjoy an all-inclusive traditional ‘Hanami’ (flower viewing) party at Japan’s largest cherry blossom festival in Hirosaki Castle Park, and be joined by some very special guests…!


What’s Included

Private executive-class transport , Private driver-guide (English speaking) , Three night’s stay in luxury accommodation , Fine-dining seasonal, cuisine (All meals included. Vegetarian catering available) Access to the best cherry blossom destinations in the Tohoku region, Local cultural experiences

Not included

Additional meals and drinks

Meeting place



・Visit 1200 year old Shiogama Shrine and taste nationally famous  Sake at Urakasumi Brewery.

・Take a relaxing boat cruise around the islands of Matsushima Bay.

・Wear traditional ‘kimono’ and experience the Japanese tea ceremony.


・Unwind on a river cruise through the picturesque Geibikei Gorge.

・Visit the fascinating temples and shrines of UNESCO World Heritage Hiraizumi.

・Enjoy a performance of ‘Kagura’, a local traditional performing art.


・View the weeping cherry blossoms of samurai town, Kakunodate.


・Drive along the incredible ‘snow walls’ of Mt. Hachimantai.


・Exclusive insider-access to Japan’s largest cherry blossom festival at Hirosaki Castle Park.


・Join a ‘Hanami’ (flower viewing) party…with NINJAS!


Sendai Station
4 days, three nights (April 22 – 25)
Two – four persons (minimum of two persons)
760000 yen (※approx. 6,900 USD)
Sign-up Deadline
30 days prior to tour start date
Cancellation Policy
More than 30 days: Deposit
15 days - 29 days prior: 30%
6 – 14 days prior: 70%
No show – 5 days prior: 100%
If the minimum number of participants is not met the event will be cancelled.


Basic Plan

Price 760000 yen (approx. 6,900 USD)

Are you looking for a ‘deeper’ kind of travel?

At Tohoku ‘Local Secret’ Tours we can also suggest custom-made itineraries to meet your travel needs! You want to experience what’s unique to Tohoku.
You want to visit the places where the locals go; the places not listed in guidebooks!
You want to meet and interact with local people. You want to take your time exploring Tohoku so you need a guide, or perhaps an English-speaking driver...
...whatever you need for your Tohoku travel, we have it covered!
Feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We will respond within two business days after receiving your message.

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Monday, July 15
Shiogama Minato Matsuri Boat Picnic
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Perfect ‘Hanami’ Picnic at Shiogama-Jinja (Shinto)Shrine
April 22 – 25
Spring in Tohoku (April 22 – 25)
Experience New Year in Japan
Beauty Pampering & ‘Pageant of Starlight’
[CLOSE] Matsushima by night: Autumn light-up!

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760000 yen

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